About me..

Accomplishing your goals

Hi, I`m Stephanie, a freelance copywriter.

Here`s how I can help you.

When talking about clients, they say a picture is worth ten thousand words. I bet they`re right. But how about a good picture, AND the right words, all together? Believe it or not, writing persuasive copy should come in handy when selling something, for various reasons. Here`s why:

  • is more descriptive and talking to the customer
  • closes the mouth of the skeptical
  • offers more value to the product

This is the point when you start questioning about looking for a good copywriter.

If that`s your case, I can surely give you a hand. After all, we have the same targets, don`t we?

Increasing interest over a product, converting clients into profitable and paying customers, persuading them through the marketing funnel, and keeping them engaged in the future are just some of my targeted key-points. How about yours?

…And about me, well, I`m a passionate traveler who has a slight edge among other copywriters by being an ambivert. I enjoy challenging myself by being in contact with lots of people, anticipating their persona, their needs and reactions. Having inter-personal skills is the greatest tool in my career.

Interested? Let`s chat.

Please feel free to contact me and let`s find out together how we can make your clients and your wallets happy at the same time

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